“Music” by Joss Stone & Lauryn Hill

This is your chance to listen to Joss Stone’s song “Music” which features a rap part by Lauryn Hill! The song is included on Stone’s new record “Introducing Joss Stone” - in stores NOW!

“Music” is based on a Fugees track off “The Score” - supposedly “The Mask”.

Preview the song
“Colors of sounds, scales of beauty, audio scenery,
electric love, and rhythmic synergy, written to memory,
beautifully crafted scenery,
complex or simplicity, sonic energy,
piercing in sensitivity, sympathetic poetry, for some even identity, collective entity,
something to belong to, a source of energy,
the possibilities, wavelengths, and bandwidths,
higher vibration, energizing entire lands with,
something to stand with, or stand for,
lovers to walk hand in hand with and plan for,
in sanctuary, chords, harmonies, melodies, even riffs can be,
disguise human essence in sonically bottled ecstasy,
melancholy, agony breeds angst,
exercising anxieties, fueling entire societies,
making economies, stimulating, generating,
inspiration synonomously,
entertaining, expression, intangible,
invisible but undeniable,
plays the language of excitement on survival,
some call it tribal, but perfected is everything,
connected to everything, some say collectively, everything”
verse by Lauryn Hill
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