New Song by Method Man feat. Lauryn Hill

The Song is called “Say” and it uses a sample from Lauryn Hill’s track “So Much Things To Say” which can be found on her 2002 release “MTV Unplugged” - As of yet, it is unclear if this song is really the collaboration for Method Man’s upcoming album that has been rumored for quite a while.

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Fugees Leak “Wanna Be”

On the heels of the Fugees outdoor concert in Los Angeles, Verizon Wireless V CAST Music customers can check out the Fugees’ newest single “Wanna Be” from their unreleased album exclusively on V CAST Music. The full-length song download of “Wanna Be” makes its debut on Verizon Wireless today – before it can be heard on the radio or purchased at any Web retailer, music store or other music distribution channel.

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